Friday, December 12, 2014

Note:  just wanted to let you know that Target has the 12 x 12 black chipboard I used for the box below and there is no shipping.  No shipping on any order!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Video on my box below..............

I have been working on a great project I wanted to share with you.  Since I'm not the greatest picture taker,  I'll just give you a few shots to whet your appetite.  The pattern is from a lovely girl on You Tube under the name of  Paper Hoarder Disorder.  Her name is Christy.  She has the most wonderful set of patterns for sale in her Etsy store and she also has a blog.  This box opens to one side and has a waterfall like group of pages attached to one end.  Each page has a booklet inside for pictures or photos.  All the pages and booklets are 4 x 6 so you can get some nice size pictures inside or journaling.  Here goes:

Be sure to check out Christy's site as there are many more temping patterns.  The best part is the boxes are made from heavy chipboard which feels like box and will hold up forever.

Have a great weekend and get that shopping done!