Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Think Micro Tiny.....

Some of you may remember that my daughter is a pediatric cardiac intensive care nurse. She's been part of a team caring for some preemies with heart issues and I just had to show you the blood pressure cuff and diaper for these micro mini babies. I laid out a six inch ruler to help you with the scale. The cuff, when closed is not even an inch in diameter and the diaper is so tiny you can't imagine. Even spread open it's not six inches across. I just found this sooooo amazing and wanted to share this with you and maybe you can shoot a quick prayer to the Father for these little ones. Have a great day!


lynns said...

Brings back memories of my son. He is 31 now and over 6 feet tall, but was a preemie born 6 weeks early.
I will ask God to not only bless the babies but those who care for them.

Whimcees said...


My youngest son was a preemie - 2 months early. People like your daughter are to be commended for the job they do.

Wishing you a good Friday!


Barbara Diane

Marian said...

My prayers are with those little wonderful the people that care for them!