Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a week!

I have nothing creative to show you today unfortunately. We FINALLY are cleaning out my mother in law's home and it's proving to be quite a chore. She died in Oct. 2009 and it has taken this long to have my brother in law removed from the house. He left the place trashed so to get it ready for auction we will be working our fannies off for the month of May. And getting back to what a week it's been.....the royal wedding (does anyone else think she should have worn her hair up???), dress was gorgeous, everything lovely. Then the devastation in the south from storms and finally the killing of you know who. I knew we'd get him sooner or later. They'll be another to take his place but this particular piece of sh.., er, evil won't walk the earth again. I'm taking particular solace with all of these goings on in my garden. It's so lovely right now. I'll just share a photo or two. Hope you have patience with me for a few weeks to tend to family business and we'll get back together soon. Don't forget the blog candy below.


Diane said...

Gorgeous gardens Mary! You are so ahead of us.....my Azela's are all dead...the deer have eaten a ton of my plants...it was a hard winter...we have had very few good days to work outside...lots of rain and cool weather....sigh!! Beautiful plants and trees you have.... the colors are gorgeous together...should be in a magazine!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm with you. I think she should have worn her hair UP and I didn't like the droopy veil. Should have been fluffier. But the gown...stunning!
The garden looks gorgeous!
Hugs, Diane

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Mary! Your yard and gardens are beautiful! I enlarged each picture to et a better look. I am slowly healing and returning to health. I will hopefully post soon but for now, I'm just tring to read and catch up with my favorites! Thanks for your note.

marilew said...

What a gorgeous yard! We had a snow storm here last weekend, so you can just imagine what MY yard looks like!
Beautiful cards too :)

FredaB said...

Your garden looks beautiful. Very neat. Mine still needs the spring cleanup before I will take pics.

Loved the card you made. What a great idea to re-use the old ones.