Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas and Cereal???

I bet you're wondering what this post is all about. Well as you can see I have been busy making small christmas garden type houses which have a rather vintage feel and I made them from the cardboard cereal boxes. The houses themselves are made from the small individual serving size cereal box. The corners of the buidings correspond to the folds of the box. If you try this make sure you open them carefully. The roof and other extra pieces are made from full size cereal box chipboard. Here are the patterns and directions:

This is an online magazine. Just click on and page through. At the end you click on the Index for the patterns which you can print on your copier. You may have to adjust the patterns slightly for your cereal boxes as I found they weren't quite true but no biggie! A little paint, a lot of glitter and some mini trees etc. and you have a little village in no time. Enjoy!


FredaB said...

Thanks for the link to the magazine. There were some great ideas on there.

I have a collection of old houses I have collected over the years. The Made in Japan ones and I decorated with them. Yours turned out really neat.

I tried to print out the silhouettes from page 7 but had no luck. I will try it later on my husband's compter. Some little glitch I guess.

Thanks again


Whimcees said...


I love your village! It has been some time since my last visit and you have been creating some lovely projects! I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend!


Barbara Diane