Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And just a few more.....

These are just a few last photos.  Remember I told you about watching the pantry doors?  Well we covered them with the same beadboard we  used under the cabinets.  Changed the shiny brass hinges for the antique oiled bronze ones. The pineapple bowl has a few of my resin gingerbread men and the orange pomanders I just made this year.  Fake oranges from Michaels studded with real whole cloves in a bowl of greens.  Hate to put this away. And finally my grandmother's Tiffany lamp.  My mom also used it for years.  I remember eating many a meal under at our dining room table growing up.  When my mom passed away, my oldest sister took  it and she moved to a retirement condo and gave it to me.  Just a piece of history.

Hope you like the kitchen too.  All that's left to do is paint it and the family room and this project will be history!  Hope everyone has a healthy and blessed New Year.

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