Friday, August 23, 2013

My First Halloween Post!

I hope I'm not rushing the season as it IS still August but if Mike's and JoAnn can do it why not me?  After debating for over a year, I finally purchased the Sizzix Vintage Suitcase die by Eileen Hull,  This is not to be confused with other suitcase dies which Sizzix makes which are flat.  This is three dimensional.  It's from the line of Scoreboard dies which cut through thicker materials and have the fold lines all ready to go when you cut your die. I cut mine from a material sold by Ellen Hutson called Craft-a-Board.  It's a nice heavy but thin chipboard which goes through my Big Kick like butter.  I thought this would be too small and too hard to assemble...that's why I hesitated.  Boy am I glad I took the plunge.  It's a good size, 4 x 3, and was a snap to assemble.....except the inside flap.  More about that later.

The die sat for a couple weeks.  Meantime, I found this really cool paper at Mike's that looks like vintage leather.  It called out to me for the suitcase.  One sheet made two suitcases.  The lining if you choose to do one is a decorative paper.  Now the first suitcase went together great.  However, there is a flap on the lid, inside, which is supposed to keep the suitcase closed.  Didn't work.  Wrote to Sizzix for advice.  Have not heard back yet.  So rather than waste the suitcase, I made straps for it and did this little Halloween valise! It doesn't open because I wasn't satisfied with how the inside looked anyway and it wouldn't stay shut so, oh well.  I used ribbon I bought at Mike's eons ago to create the straps and added Prima and Recollections flowers and leaves with a little tag by My Minds Eye that says "Happy Haunting."  I think I salvaged it very well.

I made a second one which will be another post.  The reason I wasn't happy with the lining was this.  I lined the first one after it was put together.  WRONG!  Die cut the suitcase.  Die cut the lining.  Die cut the outside paper.  Glue it all together FIRST, then assemble.  Also to keep white edges from showing, before adhering the paper inside and on the front I went all over the edges with a Copic pen that matched the paper.  It worked like a charm! You could also use Distress Ink, Distress Markers or whatever markers or paint you have that matches your paper.  This is a really fun die.  I have another coming with a surprise inside!  Enjoy!

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Diane said...

Wonderful and can't wait to see the next one!!! I must now call you "the enabler"...haha!!