Monday, June 16, 2014

Just wanted to share something with you regarding the new Cricut Explore.  First, if you are even remotely considering it, Joann's has it for $225 this week instead of the usual $299 everywhere else.  Big savings.

Secondly, shown below is a cut I did of a 6" doily which was free from Capadia Designs.  The green mat shows all the tiny pieces in the background.  Every single one came out on the mat!!  The other picture of course is the doily itself.  How many times have you cut a design this intricate and had to sit and pick out all the little pieces?  Just amazing!

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Diane said...

Well, you know I already did purchase the "thing" quit enabling hardly wait to get it....and Joann's has FREE shipping too!!! Love that doily, you know how I like the doily cuts!!