Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eeek--one more box!!!

Okay here's the latest box I did lat evening. I am getting faster with these and learning little tips to make them go quickly. I love the colors with this one, kind of a periwinkle blue and lavender. I was out of Love Notes so I just made my own and the envelopes too. Please try one of these as they are so much fun and make the most wonderful gift for someone.....or treat yourself to one! There's a novel idea! It's a beautiful day here but another scorcher. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks to those who leave comments. I read everyone and they really make my day!


Jackie said...

I just love seeing those boxes - they are gorgeous! You do a wonderful job with them. I am going to attempt one in the near future.

Carin said...

Love the boxes ... will try one very soon!