Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A gift for me.........(for a change)

I decided I needed to make something for me for a change since most things I make are gifted or given away. I've had the sweatshirt ready for ages. And I was determined to make this with only fabrics from my stash and I did it! You cut the sweatshirt apart, cut the front in half so you are working with 2 fronts and a back. You remove the sleeves. You need half a yard of 8 different fabrics close in color value. You make two strip sets, four fabrics in one and four in the other. Then you cut the strips apart into blocks and arrange them on the right side of the shirt. Sew the rows together. Pin to the sweatshirt and machine quilt. Sew the sleeves back on and bind the edges. If you are a quilter this is clear as crystal. If not, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Hopefully the pictures will help. This is about the 6th one of these I have made.

The lighting doesn't seem to show the colors very well but be sure to click on the pictures and even double click to get a birds eye view of what's going on. Makes me want to do another one now!


Diane said...

Pretty...looks nice and cozy!!!Great way to use up fabric...make!!!

marilew said...

That's gorgeous. What are the width of the strips? I am going to say at least two inches?

marilew said...

Hi...that's beautiful. What is the width of the fabric strips? I am going to guess at least two inches wide?