Sunday, March 4, 2012

The price of getting old......

I hope to be starting another album next week after a paper order comes. Some of you may remember back after Thanksgiving I had rotator cuff surgery on the right, my dominant side. Apparently, it didn't work because I'm still having problems and undergoing further studies to see what the problem is. It's kind of cramping my lifestyle (crafting, driving, vacuuming, etc) so things are slower than usual. I hate not getting around to posting because I really like staying in touch with all of you.

I do have a tip today. I've always used Liquid Pearls or Dimensional Pearls in my crafting but recently found a new product (new to me anyway) that I like even better. It's called a Viva Pearl Pen. Shaped more like a pen or crayon than a little bottle and I like that it dries quicker and is comfortable in your hand if you're squeezing out a lot of those little babies. Apparently it has been around awhile, especially in Europe but they are available here and I urge you to try them. I think they're really cool!

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