Thursday, March 29, 2012

Punch Report

Just wanted to share a little tidbit with you about the Martha Stewart Punch Anywhere punches. I have a few of these and some are random in design, like a group of stars or pinked circles but some of the newer ones are designs which, when punched in a row or rows, can make for some pretty fancy paper. In the rather blurry punch picture (sorry for that), the punch on the left is a newer one because you can see on the base it has the design shown so you can line up those punches to get an unbroken row. The punch on the right is an older one that doesn't have this but it is still quite possible to punch the continuous rows. On the green paper you can see a single punch made from the Caning Pattern punch. Below that on the rust is a row of the same punches and another punch also shown in a group. You could do a row down one edge of paper, then start making rows across until your whole sheet was punched! Just like the fancy sheets we buy that are $2 a sheet. Now you can do it yourself. I particularly like the two shown on the rust paper but there are many more in flowers, snowflakes, hearts, etc. Make sure you use your JoAnn's and Mike's coupons on these because they are $20 at Mike's and $24 at JoAnn's. Has anybody else noticed that JA's prices are higher on almost everything these days. BUT today I have to tell you, I used their current coupon which is good until May 5 (it came in a mailer) for 50% off and bought a VAGABOND!!! I'm so excited. It's regularly $249 and I got it for $125 which is a steal. I only decided to get it because I continue to have problems with my right shoulder even since the rotator cuff surgery and I thought it would be easier. I have been very happy with my Big Kick by Sizzix. It works like a charm. If there's anyone out there who would be interested in buying it used, let me know. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to trying out the Vagabond and see if it's everything it's cracked up to be. Have a great day everyone!

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