Monday, December 17, 2012

Sorrow and Shock

Here I was ready to post pictures of my kitchen make-over.  How unimportant is that now? Way down on the must deal with list.  I am as shocked and stunned as all of you over the tragedy in Connecticut.  I heard someone say that the mother was a "responsible" gun owner.  I don't agree.  If you have a child you know is troubled you don't even belong having guns in the home and definitely not where they can be accessed.  But all this talk of gun control and responsibility will not bring those children and adults back.  This is a time for reflection on the lives of the lost, prayer for courage and strength for the parents and that community and hope to look forward and move beyond this tragedy.  May God bless and keep them all.

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Createology said...

Our hearts are heavy and healing prayers just don't seem enough.