Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Question??

I have been working on yet another clean out of my craft room and got to wondering how most of you store your stamps.  I store mine, both rubber and clear in cd cases.  I had been then storing them in boxes by company.  Now I'm thinking by theme would be better and I would like to put ALL sentiments and sayings together so there's no sifting through many sets to find an appropriate sentiment.  I was thinking of Halloween, Christmas, Spring and Easter, Florals, Backgrounds, etc.....you get the idea and all the sentiments from those sets in one big container or drawer.  Anyone like to weight in on this?  I'd appreciate your input.


Mulberry Mindy said...

Hi Mary,
I have my wooden stamps in clear drawers by theme. Clear stamps are filed by sets in zip-lock type bags by company name. My cling mounts are still in binders by sets, I haven't gotten around to organizing them yet. I hope to do them by theme someday. . . . I hope. Just thought I'd weigh in, will be checking back to see what kind of comments you get, that may help me, too! Have a good day!

lynns said...

I try to keep wooden stamps in their original cases and clear ones in whatever they came in. I now only have 3 big groups of stamps-not ideal-so Halloween and then Christmas and then everything else. Don't use my stamps too much, probably because of great storage system. :)


janine said...

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the storage of my stamps. It seems lately I spend more time organizing (and reorganizing) than anything else. I wish this is something that I had spent more time thinking about when I first started out. But I have so many stamps now, I have no idea what to do. I've stored the stamps in drawers, then in binders, then back into their original cases----I'm driving myself nuts with it....lol