Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Storage Solution.....At Last!

I don't know if you are like me but I'm always searching for better storage for all the "stuff" we papercrafters have.  In particular my Copic marker collection had long since outgrown its previous home and I had been searching for a solution everywhere.  There are racks, cubbies, pails, tins, bags, etc to house these wonderful markers but none that I liked or were affordable for me or held the markers in order the way I wanted.  This past weekend while I was surfing the net, I found a post from 2011 where a lady had devised a system which looked very interesting.  Then her blog sent me on to others who had upgraded and modified her system until I finally came to this blog: The more I studied it the better I liked it and when I headed off to Office Depot and Home Depot to pick up the components it was VERY reasonable.

Here are some specifics:  The box I used came from Office Depot but Staples also sells them.  It is from a company called Really Useful Boxes.  I'll never buy another Sterlite, Art Bin or Rubbermaid box!  These are that good and come in a gazzilion different sizes and configurations.   If you use this box, you need the 11 litre size.  You can probably use other brands of boxes, just check your sizes.  If you only have a few markers and don't plan on getting more, you can just get a smaller box. But the Really Useful 11 litre will hold ALL 358 markers with room for expansion when Copic comes out with more shades. The one blog recommended the Art Bin Double Deep Satchel which JoAnns has.  It was $40 and you could use a half price coupon. If using this box, you can get the lid on it and the pens sit further down in the box.  If you travel or go to crops or whatever, this might be the box for you.  Then the dividers are egg crate style ceiling tiles from Home Depot.  If you go on their web site, they only sell them in fives but in the store you can buy a single one. You can cut them with a saw, a Dremel or heavy duty tin snips There are two layers, a top and bottom.  You hold them in place in your box with long screws in each corner.  This method does take up about 8 marker spaces.  The other way is to get transparent caulk and caulk the crates in.  Sounded messy to me so I went with the screws.

You can leave the box flat if you have that much empty real estate on your desk or table.  It is advised that you store these markers on their side, but I know plenty of people who have stood theirs up on end for years and never had a problem. I am standing my box upright on one long side.  It is VERY sturdy but if you feel you need it, you can add a long strip of wood, heavy duty plastic or whatever under the front edge.  I'm going to use a strip cut from an old Sizzix Extended Platform because it more or less matches the box.  I just love the new system and my wonderful husband did all the work!  I have posted lots of pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  And of course, you could use this for any other markers, pens, pencils etc THAT WILL FIT IN THE SPACES IF THIS GRID. Be sure to check this first. My markers are the Copic Sketch.  I can't guarantee you all markers will fit.  You must test that for yourself.  But for about $30 I am very happy with this.

PS:  I forgot to mention that there is a girl on Etsy who is selling these already to go for $65 I think it was.  Just another option.

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