Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another snow.....and more coming!

Boy, have we been having the "dig out" of the century.  A record snowfall here on the East Coast.  We couldn't even go down our street.  Husband was out with the snow thrower all morning.

I wanted to ask, take sort of a poll so to speak, if any of my readers  have a printer they especially love.  For printing vintage images my printer will not even take regular card stock paper without having a major digestive episode!! LOL! and there are some things I'l love to use photo paper or artist's paper.  One that feeds from the back would probably be good but I know they are more expensive and take up more real estate on your work table.  I'm not opposed to them as long as I know I'll get good images.  So I'm asking if you or your friends could tell me about a printer you like, the brand, cost, etc.  Any information would be appreciated!  Stay warm!

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