Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Nor'easter of 2014

We're digging out today here in Forest Hill.  We got about 14" during the night, then sleet and freezing rain and we are waiting for the next band of snow to bring another 2-4"  Just to give you an idea:

 The first pic is down the deck steps to clear off a spot for our doggie to do his thing which miraculously he did!  He doesn't care for not being able to see grass. And next you can see from the deck is my garden bench buried in snow.  The view from the front porch and the street hasn't been plowed yet.  And the swing on the front porch has a sign that reads "Simple pleasures are life's treasures."  This seems ironic today, yes?

Finally here's Sampson enjoying his usual daytime perch on my work table looking out the window.  Guess he thinks snow is a bore because he's falling asleep.  What a baby!  Stay warm and be safe!

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