Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Betcha thought I'd forsaken the blogging world! NEVER! Anyway the pictures above show the pond that is under construction in my yard. You have all seen pictures of the small pond we have and with that under our belt my son decided he wanted a really good size one. He has done all the excavation by hand with a shovel and pick-ax. I have been the "gopher" and dirt disposal person, wheelbarrowing the dirt around to another site and getting cold drinks and moving plants to make room for this behemoth. It is 20' long and at the deep end 4' deep and 10' across. There will be a falls at the top of the narrow end. It has changed quite a bit in appearance since these pictures were taken last weekend so I'll have to get some more recent ones for those of you interested. Everyone in America wants a pond, they just don't know it yet!!!
Now down to more fun things! I have spent quite some time lurking around Becca's blog at Amazing Paper Grace. Becca is one gracious lady and sooooo talented. I have been inspired to try her technique using corner punches to create circular elements for cards. She did a video on this on her September 2 post on her blog I urge you to vist and view her gorgeous cards and watch the video. The pictures I have shown below are my first attempts at this and one card I made using it. Read on:

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