Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Puddin'

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my good friend Diane over at Nellie's Nest sent me some little cupcake chipboard books. This is the first one I made. The little pug featured here is my oldest "grand-dog" who belongs to my oldest child, Kathy, who is a PICU nurse. I just had fun playing with Maggie's pictures and a few embellishments. There's a little room for more when the inspiration strikes. Maggie the pug is 11 now and getting a little arthritic but she has always been the sweetest little dog so this is dedicated to puddin'!


Diane said...

What a wonderful little chipboard and doggies...I laughed at some of her little faces....the pumpkin one cracked me up! So cute!!!

lynns said...

Love your ideas for the chipboard book. How do you come up with your ideas to make the book fun and have continuity?