Friday, May 22, 2009

Further Progress

I have to apologize for not posting any papercrafting things lately. I have just been tied up with this pond, but we are on the home stretch and hopefully things will get back to normal. WE HAVE WATER DOWN THE FALLS! Yeah! Now the rock will go on on the falls and when all that's done the plants and landscaping. Here's a few pictures to show you what my aching back and arms are already telling me!!! The picture of the blank area behind the pond in front of the hemlocks will be where most of the new plantings will go. Some ornamental grasses for sure but I haven't decided what else. I think maybe a large rhododendron behind the back of the pond because there is a purple plum tree there and it's a shady spot. A few other shots of the yard. Have a great weekend everyone. I will be back with more cards, etc....I promise!

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Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Mary, your pond and gardens are JUST stunning!