Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Chirping Along......

This is a project I did after I bought the Design Studio software for my Cricut. I've seen these on several blogs but I used the help and directions on Invincible Summer blog. As is usually the case, software manuals aren't much help and this was a learning experience but I feel confident now in doing more of these. So much fun! They're called word books and you cut out chipboard and paper from the same file. Then the shadow letters are done separately. I didn't show the inside of the whole thing because I left some pages blank for more pictures or artwork by Kate herself. She is my good neighbor's grandaughter and cute as a button. She loves the whole princess thing so I used lots of girly colors and embellishments. I hope she likes it.


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Diane said...

OMG Mary, this is stunning, I am going to email you.....shoot I have had my Cricut a year and never even attemped anything like go girl...shoot if we lived closer you would be showing me how to do only if we could get the Circut site to WORK!! Your neighbor will LOVE it...hey my name is DIANE.....LOL!!!!!