Friday, January 8, 2010

Well here we are again, only three inches this time. I'm not complaining when those in the midwest are dealing with feet rather than inches and my friend in Michigan, Diane of Nellie's Nest tells me two young basketball players were killed there yesterday going to a game. No seat belts. It's 27 degrees here this was -10 there yesterday. It's beautiful to look at though, isn't it? Good time to stay inside, make homemade soup, and play with your toys. Aaahhh, winter.

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chriswooten57 said...

beautiful pictures you took, you should save them and use them on your christmas cards next year.

sorry to hear about young men dying. it is always so sad to hear when someone's life is cut so short. we must always remember in good times and bad that we still have our health, life and family to love us. prayers going up to heaven on their behalf for the family and love ones

thanks for sharing your pics and projects. i am so new to this.