Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazing Technique

I found this amazing technique and I just had to share with you. My daughter recently directed me to the following blog:
http://angelicascrappenings.blogspot.com/. The girl whose blog it is does some absolutely gorgeous work. You've all seen the packages of pearl and gem "bling" as seen in the above picture on the left. Mostly they run $2.99 and up. They are very pricey and if you like to use them a lot could get prohibitively expensive. The pearl swirls below on the pink cardstock I made myself!!!! Yes, I know, amazing! If you go to Angelica Scrappenings blog and scroll all the way to the end, she will show you how it's done. Basically, you take the manufactured bling, lay a transparency over it and apply your dots of Liquid Pearls or Stickles, gems or whatever. Liquid Pearls works great and is what I used in my samples above. Then you trim the transparency as close as you can and apply with glue dots. It's amazing! In my sample, what I did was lay the purchased swirls on the copier and make copies, then I laid that under the transparancy, taped it for stability and used my Liquid Pearls. Try this and be sure to check out Angelica Scrappenings.


Whimcees said...


These are beautiful! I love them! Thank you so much for the link to her blog - she IS so creative! I have looked at these pearl flourishes so many times and not purchased because of the cost - now I can make my own thanks to your sharing!

Wishing you a great day today! :<)

Barbara Diane

Julia Aston said...

what a great idea! I just purchased some of the Zva crystals on sale - even then they are expensive!