Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where to get the teapot pattern!!!

So many of you have contacted me by email, comments, and on SCS about where to get the teapot pattern. Several posts below I gave the link but I am going to do it again for you. Go to: and click on Templates on the upper left. This site belongs to the lovely and talented (and might I say she is a super Mom) Lauren Meader. I have been a big fan of Lauren's boxes, bags, houses, etc for years through PTI and now she has her own business. Her templates go together like hand in glove and you will enjoy the process immensely. When you purchase her templates, be sure to check which format you want them sent in. If you are using a cutting machine, check the file format appropriate for your system. If you don't have a Cricut or other machine, you can still use the .pdf format. Just print on your printer and cut it out. And for the tea pot I recommend a softer less stiff cardstock than say Stampin' Up!. I have found Bassill Basics that Michael's sells to work great. Good luck everyone! Please send me (and Lauren) pics of all your tea pots!

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