Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Tribute

With Father's Day coming up I thought I'd like to pay tribute to the Dads in our armed forces, serving both here and abroad. I purchased this file and fiddled with it on the Cricut all week. There was no file for the Air Force (sorry you guys in the air). So here, left to right we have Army, Navy and Marines. The Navy card was the first one I did and I thought it was a little short for an A2 envelope so I enlarged the other two but they all fit perfectly in that size. All paper, no buttons or any other embellishment. Even the little Marine insignia. Semper Fi! Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your summer. Stinking hot here, but supposedly storms and a cooler front coming through. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous cards. Our military men and women would be honored to receive a card like that from you.

Elly said...

This is such a nice idea, I love them!!

Yolanda Rodriguez said...

Great job - I saw these on The Air Force dress is similar to the army dress. You can just get a clip art of the wings they use. Really sweet!