Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She Art 3

Here she is in all her angelic glory. I named her "the angel of "just get it done." The background is kind of a light rust with tones of green and gold. I used a lot of white highlights in the background. Each one of these I do teaches me something else....another technique....a different way to embellish. I thought with the name she needed to be a woman wearing the pants so to speak. The wings I first stencilled then used paint and a paint pen to color them in more then outlined them here and there with a Faber Castell art pen. Quite a few random stamps used on this one too. This is so much fun! And I'm getting some more mileage out of all those little 2 oz. bottles of paint I had from when I used to do a lot of tole painting. Canvases are on sale at all the craft stores right now (Mike's, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby). Give it a try!

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