Friday, March 14, 2014

Take Two....

OK I'm back again and I think I finally have this figured out.  I got the camera thing down and then Blogger did NOT want to upload my video in the normal fashion.  I got advice from a cyber friend who suggested I upload it to You Tube and imbed it on my blog from there.  Guess worked!  Do a happy dance and shout Halleluiah!  So without further delay, here we go.....PS:  click the icon in the lower right corner to see it full screen!


Diane said... got it down good....a great Copic lesson my friend...I bet you were wishing you had your Y38 for that flower, it's sitting here, bad me still hasn't put it in the mail....sorry bout' that!!!
Can't wait to see the next one>>

Scrap for Joy said...

Nice job, Mary. I can see that I need more colors in a particular colorway to give dimension to my stamped objects. You did a nice job explaining these techniques!
What's up next?

Shirley said...

A really great and interesting tutorial, Mary! I use twinks, so I found this really great to see how the Copics peoteple do it!!

Jen Wright said...

Hi, Its jen stopping by to say hi!!!