Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Productive Day! Dress Forms Are Finished!!!

I never thought I'd finish but here they are. I'm not going to photograph the ones I already showed you. Go back a few posts if you wish to see those. These are the latest and the last ones. The one with the heat embossed heart that says Life's A Stitch is the front page. I showed you the back page last night. You can click on each picture to see the details up close and personal. If you have any questions about techniques or what I used, just email me. Enjoy! I sure did!


Anonymous said...

These are totally FUN! It's easy to see that you can just embellish these to your heart's content and keep on going!

Diane said...

Very nice and "vintagie" (is that a word?).....looks like alot of work, but well worth it.....glad to see you are creating again!!

Anne Anderson said...

I love the time one w/ the butterfly!!!! But they are all great!