Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Blog Award

I am honored to be selected by Clare from Cricut Crafty Claire (here's her link: for the Trendy Blog Award. I started blogging because I wanted to share my creations with others and I am still blogging because I have been so inspired by other's work and because I have made so many friends through the blogging community. I have selected the following ten people to receive the award as well:
1. Dawn at
2. Diane at
3. Diane at www.
4. Elly at
5.Arlene at
6. Wendy at
7. Lauren at
8. Michelle at
9. Nancy at
10.Melissa at

These ladies, along with dozens of others, inspire and instruct me each day and several have become such nice cyber friends. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could meet the people whose blogs we read each day? So for those I"ve named, let us know why you started your blog and why you keep going and choose ten others if you wish to participate. Have a great week!


Elly said...

Hi Mary, I'm very proud to receive a blogaward from YOU, but since a while I don't place awards on my blog anymore ( see banner in my sidebar, for the reason)
So please don't be angry with me, and know that I really do appreciate your lovely gesture!!!!!!!

hugs, Elly

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Mary~
I haven't written for a while but I do follow your blog and have always been impressed with your work. Just 2 weeks ago, I finally started to play with the Cricut I've had since last November and it is so much fun!!! I love your explosion much detail and the Alice papers are amazing. Thanks for all of your deserve the award for sure!

Diane said...

Thank U Mary for the nice of you...I accept...but now the hard task of picking 10 more people...there ae so many!!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I always love to visit here and see what you've been up to also! So YOU inspire me! Like Elly, I don't do awards anymore but am honored that you thought of my blog as trendy! Thank you kindly. It means a lot that you've thought of my blog this way!
Thank you with hugs and blessings for
a great week!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Mary!!! Thank you so very much for this blog award!!! I love blogging so much and especially love all of the precious friends I've made during my blogging journey ~ it's such a give and take of inspiration, I'm just so proud to be a little part of it!!! Thank you again for this sweet honor ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Michelle Palmer said...

Mary, you're a gem! Thank you for sharing an award with me!
Your blog is always fun, inspiring and unique! So I share the award back to you :)
Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!
Thanks and hugs~


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