Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Silver

I have a few pieces of vintage silverware to share with you. The first picture is of two baby spoons that I fed my own children with. So they are 40 years old. One was an issue by Gerber and as the "Gerber baby" on it.
The picture below that is a close up of my Grandmother's jelly spoon. She would be 114 were she living. The detail of the little spots on the strawberry and pineapple and the gorgeous grapes and foliage are really something. The final photo is of that spoon, another fork with my aunt's name "Mamie" on it and a small spoon (baby or demitasse?) with my Grandmother's initials on the reverse. I have to do something with these but it will probably take me forever to decide since I only have these few pieces. But have to do SOMETHING with that jam spoon for sure!


Anonymous said...

Love the one with the embossed bowl! I've never seen one before.

Debby/Darthy said...

I adore old silver pieces!!