Friday, August 27, 2010

Organized Ribbon--So Pretty!

I was about to say I didn't have anything creative to share with you today. Then I thought about it and I think this is a work of art too! I had two large drawers in one of those plastic rolling carts that I had reels of ribbon in. They were always getting jumbled, rolling around in what little space there was. I think I counted about 150+ spools of the stuff. I couldn't stand it any longer. Took myself off to Michaels and bought heavy illustration or art board, cut small squares to wrap on and two long pieces to divide and the pictures show the result. I think it's beautiful! I can see what I have at a glance. It's easier to access than before and the very best part----I freed up one whole drawer for something else. That's right, what formerly took two whole drawers now takes only one and I still have room in that first drawer. I know this is not a big ribbon collection like some folks have and I can't take credit for this idea. Becca Feeken over at Amazing Paper Grace came up with the idea. She has hers on smaller cards because her drawer set is smaller and she has way more than I do but she thought this up and it's a super duper space saver. I love it! Have a great weekend everyone!


Diane said...

Very pretty...very organized....lots of cool ribbons there....what fun!!

Pam Hornschu said...

Great idea! I just finished organizing mine a different way, but when I reach the point of it driving me crazy, I'll try this.
By the way, I checked out several of your creations! You have some gorgeous but seriously involved stuff.

Diane said...

And I'll bet it was fun winding them all up and remembering what you have in your collection!

Elly said...

Looking very pretty. You do have enough for years and years of crafting ;-)

hugs, Elly