Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zentangles---Taking Over!

Zentangles seem to be the only thing I can do lately. I am suffering from serious papercrafting withdrawal but can't seem to motivate myself to begin a project. There are too many possibilities!!! Do I do something Tim Holtz, make Christmas cards (of which I only send a precious few), make a scrapbook page, make some embellishments like paper flowers, etc---I can't decide and it's paralyzing. Can any of you relate! We have soooo many possibilities in the art world today and so many fabulous supplies, I find it daunting to decide which to work with. Whereas zentanges require only pen and paper. Voila! Problem solved. But I want to get back to stamping as well---and also I'm missing sewing and embroidery. If any of you out there have any cures or motivators for this problem, leave a comment. I'd sure like to know how others deal with this issue! Meanwhile, enjoy the tangles.


Suzanne Mcneill said...

Mary, love your Zentangles. I posted your blog entry to one of my favorite social media sites for artists,

I host a group called Zentangle Mania, hope you will visit. There are other tanglers there as well.

Diane said...

I'm sorry, Mary, but I have no cure! I suffer from the same malady!
Too many choices!

Diane said...

These are beautiful Mary!! I too suffer the same as you..."what to do"...but now of course you know I am sewing....but I have been using some of my "paper" projects included in my sewing...give it a try, so fun...pick a pattern and run with it....try that Cheswick snowman holding the paper ornaments...easy peasy and its a start....but I also think you should turn some of these Zentangles into card size......what fun would that be!!!!!

Judy said...

The Zentangles are great. I love doing them too. It helps with better sleep too!!