Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Goodies

Two of my online friends, Diane in Michigan (http://www.nelliesnest.blogspot.com/) and Brenda in Delaware sent me lovely handmades for the holidays. I wanted to share their talent with you. The CD calendar and handmade card and envelope came from Brenda who had never done a paper project before. Pretty good for a first project! As she says, "just baby steps." And the stuffed old quilt heart all gussied up with beads, felt and ribbon as well as the tiny felt pincushion in an old tin mold came from Diane. Isn't the little pincushion adorable? Thank you both ladies for being so sweet!


Anonymous said...

I'm very partial to the teacup! So sweet!
Guess who bought more embossers yesterday....?

Diane said...

Glad you loved them...and so very glad they finally made it after two weeks...gotta love that Post Office!!

Elly said...

Hi Mary,
Long time no see ;-)

You've made a lot of beautiful things lately. I especcialy love the creations in the top picture.

hugs, Elly