Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Bragging Here.........

You read my blog for creative content, right? Does it matter who created it? Have to brag! This is a scrapbook page my oldest daughter did and guess who is in the picture? Little me, I'm guessing around the age of 3. We had several copies of this photo and she asked for one. I had this one in sepia tones and another that had been tinted where the dress was a pale green. But I love what she did with it! She's so exacting and has excellent taste with her pages. How flattering!

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Diane said...

The creative apple didn't fall far from the tree!! Adorable!

I have to bug your brain once again, Mary! Do you know of a company that makes paper patterns whose name is something like "Making It Easy"? I have Googled all over with all renditions of that title and cannot find the online shop. I was just there a couple of weeks ago and it's not showing in my history. I'm getting something wrong in the title I guess!
Sandy from Quill Cottage made the most adorable teacup. Go peek!!!!