Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm In Shock..........

While finishing up some remaining programs to be installed on my computer, we realized that my papercrafting software called Make the Cut was no longer on my computer. When I purchased this software for approx. $70 about two years ago it was an internet download and I was told all I needed in case my computer crashed in the future was the registration code which I have. I had no disc. I have loved using this software. So I wrote to them and because of legal action they had with Provocraft the maker of the Cricut they can no longer allow me to download the older version I had of this software. I am left with nothing. Not only that but I have hundreds of file, both free ones and many I purchased which are no good to me because the Cricut Design Studio Software does not work with these files. Only the Make the Cut software did.

Sooooooo, I am appealing to anyone out there who might have had the last version of Make The Cut before the recent update (which doesn't work with Cricut). I wondered if someone could copy their disc for me and mail me a copy. I am willing to pay for it because otherwise I'm up a creek without a paddle so to speak. I'm disappointed in MTC as well as Provocraft that they have left their customers high and dry. Provocraft even will tell you that use of Make the Cut software invalidates your Cricut warranty. This is big business at its worst my friends! So if you have the disc or you could ask among your crafting friends if they have it, I would be eternally grateful.

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