Friday, March 7, 2008

Pay It Forward Blog Candy

Look at the lovely blog candy and gorgeous card I received from Suzann at My Small World Yummy and thanks Suzann. When I won this I agreed to Pay It Forward to three other folks. So I will take the first three names who leave a comment and would like a nice package of luscious candy too. Leave me your email address and I will contact you personally to get the shipping info. What's in your candy? It's a secret but I know you'll like it.!!!


Monika in VA said...

Wow! I just saw one of your cards on SCS & thought I'd check out your blog ~ what a surprise! Blog Candy! Maybe I'll win (it would be a first)...

Diane said...

Okay, I feel guilty about leaving a comment, but I HAD to do it...I have never won CANDY before..maybe this is my first time!!!!

Regina said...

I'm so glad I found your blog over at SCS. Your blog is wonderful!
I would like the blog Candy win, but I live in Germany. Do I have a chance?

Aznewmom said...

Just found your blog today through SCS. It's very nice. Thanks for sharing it! I have used the same template for one of my blogs. :-)

Thanks for the blog candy.
Darn! Looks like I'm number four.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Just missed out it looks like.


AKA: Aznewmom in Tucson