Monday, March 17, 2008

Virtual Stampin' Up! Club---Please Join Me!

Attention all Stampin' Up! fans!!! I'm trying to get a virtual stamp club going. I need six people...could one of them be you? This is an inexpensive way to accumulate some nice stamping supplies and be a hostess without having a home workshop. Each of the 6 members purchases $25 in Stampin' Up! supplies each month for 6 months. And each person has one of the months when she is the hostess. During that month you are guaranteed a $150 party which nets you 1 free hostess stamp set and $15 in FREE product. You can get outside orders during your month to pump up your total. Most people have a large workshop total during their month. As soon as I get six people, we can start! Give it some thought!!!!!!!!!!!

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