Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family News

Very sad news for me tonight. My brother has had a serious stroke. He had a large blood clot in the brain that they found on CAT scan. He is waking up more and more so that they will be able to access just what damage there is. He apparently has limited motion on the left side but we won't know until they remove the ventilator, maybe tomorrow, if he can speak or not. As a sad twist of fate, his poor heart is doing beautifully. The pump is out and it's functioning on its own. Thank you all for your prayers.


mudmaven said...

I'll keep praying. You hang in there and keep us posted. Hugs. ~chris

Carin said...

I am so sorry, but God is a god of miracles... I will pray for him & you.

Shirley said...

Gee, Mary, I am so sorry about your brother. I am hoping he is doing better with each day. I will definitely be thinking of him and push well thoughts and energy his way. It can't be easy for you either. Thoughts of strength and wellness your way too!