Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Martha Stewart Christmas

Run don't walk to your nearest Michael's and check out the Martha Stewart Christmas offerings. I was blown away. Why does this always happen when I'm low on funds??? Anyway, I was able to buy the set that included this magnificent tree. I took a close up shot so you could see the detail. What I can't understand is how they can sell these sets for $9.99? They stamp beautifully and there are about ten other stamps in the set. This is called Christmas Tree and Martha also has a co-ordinating set called Holiday Accents that gives you the trunk of the tree as one stamp and all the elements as individual stamps. Each element is larger in the Accents set than it is in the Tree set. The possibilities are endless. There was also a darling gingerbread set with the usual ginger cookies and houses. And her trims and paper were wonderful. Ya' done good Martha!

PS This is stamped in Handsome Hunter on 140 lb. watercolor paper and is mounted on Handsome Hunter cs.

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Diane said...

Wow! This is a beautiful set, and I didn't make it there today...yikes I wonder if I have time to go now??? Great card, thanks for sharing!