Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Napkin Transfer

 Check out this beautiful image.  Would you ever guess it came from a lowly napkin!  I picked up these napkins at Tuesday Morning about a year ago.  They are the type you'd put in your powder room.  The best part about this particular napkin is that each one had SIX of these images on it! 

It was such a busy and complete image that I didn't do anything to it in the way of embellishing.  I just triple mounted it with some dimensional stickers and let it stand on its own.

I found a video on this technique on Pinterest.  Th video is on You Tube by michelle's rubber room.    It's quite simple.  You use a paper pad or notebook or several sheets of newsprint.  Lay your cardstock on top, a piece of Saran Wrap on top of that making sure the cs is covered.  Then, and this is the most inportant part, you separate the plies of your napkin.  Most have three and you only want the one with the image. Then you place your napkin, right side up, more scrap paper on top.  Then you iron, making sure you do not touch your iron to the Saran Wrap.  Big mess!  I used a medium setting and only a small amount of steam.  Let it cool.  Open it up to check the adhesion.  If it's not complete, you can touch up with the iron.  When cool carefully peel the image and cardstock away

Such a great and simple technique and the possibilities are endless!.

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